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Outlook Backup Assistant 7.10

Outlook Backup Assistant helps you store and protect your Outlook data
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Outlook Backup Assistant is a program that helps you store and protect your Outlook data. This may include surplus email, addresses, and all other stored contact information.
In order to achieve this purpose, the program extracts the data that Outlook disperses all throughout your system, then compresses and encrypts it into a single ZIP-format archive. Afterward, you can also protect the resulting folder with a password. The backup process takes place very rapidly and efficiently, and if you wish, you can also restore the encrypted files to their location in Outlook with equal swiftness.

One convenient feature of the program is that it allows you to set automatic backups, so that you may prevent Outlook from freezing when your mailbox is completely full.
Nevertheless, one minor disadvantage of the program is the language incoherence you encounter at times. Although its main format is in English, you occasionally come across German words used for tabs or options, which may prove disconcerting for most users.

Overall, Outlook Backup Assistant is an efficient software for preserving Outlook data in a safe manner, but can sometimes confuse users with its interspersed German words.

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